Thursday, March 31, 2005

Like a tick on the body of the people:

Thought for the Day:
Be mild with the mild, shrewd with the crafty, confiding to the honest, rough to the ruffian, and a thunderbolt to the liar. But in all this, never be unmindful of your own dignity. John Brown

On Last night:
After work I enjoyed the company of Pastor Bob and “The Dragon Slayer” for a few drinks of distilled liquor. Oh, the banter, the fast paced conversation of it all. We of course got into an argument that managed to involve the entire bar.

Which at that point was the previously mentioned chaps, Christian the Chef, “Jim-Bo the Bisexual Bartender” (who I should add, asked several times to rub Pastor Bob’s feet, much to his discomfort) three members of the court, one off duty taxi driver, a homeless man who talked to himself, a former state representative, a reporter, my dentist, and a waitress who runs a bead-shop on the side. Yes, everyone has a view, on a hot topic such as this. It seems I am one of the last of a long line of distinguished purists when it comes to grilling.

I am proud to say I am a Webber Man.

Yes, charcoal…lighter fluid, and time. If I wanted to cook on gas, I would do so in the house. These people are spending thousands of dollars on what can best be described as a kitchen appliance for the back yard, proud to say that it’s just as good as if they cooked it inside. Ok, am I missing something here? Isn’t the point of cooking outside to make something that tastes like it was just that, cooked outside?

I put forth, that a charcoal grill is a sign of manhood; any man can turn a knob on a gas grill. It however takes skill to cook on coals. Beer can Chicken, charcoal! Ribs, charcoal! Hot Dogs, charcoal! Steak, charcoal! Shrimp, charcoal! It all just tastes better! Mrs JQP has my back on this one.

I got home and fixed smoked pork chops (on my god-damn-Webber) cornbread stuffing, peas and coconut cream pie. I also made 10 loaves of bread (yes, it was a late night). I then finished reading a book on Mechanized Warfare from WW1 to Korea.

Grants, I want to push three of them out the door today. Tonight, I am teaching a class, so its going to be a late night for old JQP.

(Caption: Man, that dude gets all the girls)

Today’s Bill:
"Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie,
Which we ascribe to Heaven."
--From All's Well That Ends Well (I, i, 231-232)

Your Drink for the Week:

Panty-Jam Drink Recipe

Drink Ingredients:
1 oz. Orange Juice
2 oz. Lemon Juice
2 oz. 151 Rum
1/2 oz. Peach Schnapps
2 Powdered Sugar
1/4 oz. Banana Liqueur
1/2 oz. Strawberry Liqueur
1/2 oz. Dekuyper Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps

blend ingredients with crushed ice until smooth and pour into parfait glass, garnish with mint sprig and a maraschino cherry

Abe Froman Drink Recipe

Drink Ingredients:
3 oz. Vodka
3 oz. Grenadine
9 oz. Lemonade

Add vodka to rack glass. Then add desired lemonade. Top off with grenadine syrup for red appearance and berry flavor. Enjoy!

Your Political Thought for the Day:

Quote of the Day:
I know how men in exile feed on dreams of hope.
Aeschylus, Agamemnon
Greek tragic dramatist (525 BC - 456 BC)

A busy little bee I am, however I remain: